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Your Wedding Weekend in Puglia

program of a wedding weekend

Your Wedding Weekend in Puglia

Planning a wedding weekend?

One of the best aspects of destination weddings is the fact that it makes spouses and guests spend more time together: not only during the big day but for a whole wedding weekend at least!

Sure, there are many things to think about, especially to take care of your guests (for example they will surely need to know these 5 pieces of information about your wedding!)

If you are worried of not having time to plan all the different aspects of a wedding weekend abroad, here are the many ways we can help you with the organization!

Help you plan your wedding weekend

First of all, we think about logistics: how will you and your guests arrive? We can help you book flights and other means of transport:  for example book cars to pick everybody up at the airport and take them to the hotel.

We can think about hotel accommodations, booking hotels near to the wedding venue… or help you find a wedding venue with rooms, for example a charming Apulian masseria, so that you can have everything in the same place: wedding ceremony, wedding reception AND accommodation.

And when your guests enter their rooms, wouldn’t it be nice to let them find a pretty welcome bag with some little gifts? We can give you many interesting ideas about what to put in the bag: surely something typical of Apulia and a program of the wedding weekend with all the indications of the main appointments, a map of the place, useful telephone numbers and addresses, places to see and things to do, all together or by themselves.

Because there will be moments when you and your future spouse will be busy with necessary things, such as the final legal procedures at the townhall or other preparations for the wedding day, and your guests will have to be entertained without you!

So we will help you define a program of your wedding weekend that will satisfy every taste: beautiful cities and towns for those who love history and art (for example those listed among the 10 places in Apulia that you definitely can’t miss), or enchanting natural environments for those who love to be in touch with nature, or an evening out dancing pizzica for those who love music! Your guests will be delighted!

A stay in Apulia can’t be complete without trying the delicious specialities of our tradition: your wedding weekend can therefore be enriched with some amazing food&wine tasting that you and your guests will appreciate very much! And you will keep on enjoying our typical tasty recipes during your rehearsal dinner and also your wedding banquet: don’t forget to add these must-have dishes to your wedding menu!


Contact us for more information and to have a quotation with our proposals for an unforgettable wedding weekend in Apulia: carefully planned to let you enjoy every moment, without problems or unexpected events to spoil it!




Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


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