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5 Unspoilt towns in Puglia (area of Bari)

5 Unspoilt towns in Puglia (area of Bari)

Puglia is full of famous towns and cities, starting with Bari and Lecce and going on with Polignano a Mare, Alberobello and Gallipoli. But Apulia is also full of beautiful tiny towns and villages. In my opinion lot of them are worthy of more attention because they are perfect for authentic weddings and romantic elopements.

I want to share with you some hints about these unspoilt pieces of Apulia, starting with the area of Bari and Valle d’Itria

5 Unspoilt towns in Puglia

1) Bitonto

cathedral bitonto

Bitonto, the Cathedral

Also called the “City of Olives”, due to the olive groves surrounding the city.
Dimensions: 55k inhabitants, 172  km2.
Places to visit:  the San Valentino Cathedral, the National Gallery, the Angevin Tower and the Baresana Door.
Food/Dring to taste: Bitonto is famous for its olive oil.

2) Gravina in Puglia


The “Gravina”

The word Gravina comes from the Latin grava, that means rock, shaft and erosion of bank river. It’s surrounded by an amazing rocking landscape.
Dimensions: 43k inhabitants, 385 km2.
Places to visit:  The San Michele delle Grotte church, carved in the stone, the Romanesque Cathedral and the Baroque Madonna delle Grazie church.
Food/Dring to taste: Gravina D.O.C. (denominazione di origine controllata, it means controlled designation of origin) wine.

3) Conversano

castello conversano

Conversano, the Castle

An ancient town in the southern province of Bari. It was settled in the Iron Age and its layering of different periods is very interesting.
Dimensions: 26k inhabitants, 127 km2.
Places to visit:  the Medieval Castle, the Romanesque Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Benedictine Monastery.
Food/Dring to taste: cherries and grapes.

4) Noci

Noci, Barsento church

Noci, Barsento church

A town established during the Norman time, its name means walnuts. Its characteristic closed alleys, called “gnostre” are every year the scene of a lot of wine and food festivals.
Dimensions: 19k inhabitants, 148 km2.
Places to visit:  the Barsento church, the Madonna della Croce shrine, the Civic Tower.
Food/Dring to taste: typical apulian cheese

5) Locorotondo



The name of this town means round place, and actually the town is round. It lays in the middle of Valle d’Itria, near the famous Alberobello.
Dimensions: 14k inhabitants, 47 km2.
Places to visit:  San Giorgio Martire church, De Bernardis Palace, the Cantina Sociale.
Food/Dring to taste: this town is famous for its wine, also called Locorotondo. Don’t miss also the Gnumeredd Suffuchet, typical roulades made with tripe and vegetables.

Do you imagine your wedding in one of this lovely unspoilt towns in Puglia?

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Featured photo by Giovanni Carrieri, other photos by wikipedia.


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