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Edible favors? Delicious, with the excellent Apulian typical products

Edible favors? Delicious, with the excellent Apulian typical products

Edible favors are one of the latest Italian wedding trends and are perfect for destination weddings in Italy!

I know, weddings can be hectic because of planning, trying to meet or even exceed your guests’ expectation and at the same time have fun since it is your big day. Destination weddings are harder because of the language and cultural gap and this is why I will offer advices to make your big day in Puglia unforgettable and easy to plan.

Apulia, the “heel of Italy’s boot”, is a charming region along the sea with magnificent beaches that you will love to visit any time of the year. The place evokes spirituality and emboldens nature, tastes, tradition and a unique history.

But, you know, Puglia is also famous for its extraordinary foods and wines and your guests surely want to try them. They will remember your amazing wedding for years and years. Thus what’s better than giving them something special to eat and drink when they are at home again? Edible favors are the solution!

Edible favors for elegant guests

  • Wine

You cannot talk about wine and not think about Italy and Apulia; where some of the most remarkable wines are made. So give your guests a taste of Italy through the exotic wines ripe, delicious reds, hedonistic whites obtained from native grapes of Apulia. Primitivo, Aleatico, Salice Salentino, Aglianico, Chardonnay, Pinot, Cabernet… they will leave your guests wishing you had a second wedding here!

wine apulian edible favors

wine bottles as wedding favors (pinterest.com)

  • Spices

Spices and herbs are deep rooted in the culture and cuisine of Apulia. These are introduced in foods not only to improve their flavors but also change their color and textures. The herbs have an important role in developing the unique flavors and mystique of Apulians exotic food.

spices apulian edible favors

jars of different spices as wedding favors (pinterest.com)

  • Olive oil

What about the fluid gold of Apulian olive oil? The oil in Puglia may just make you apply for dual citizenship with Italy. This is not only made to perfection but also prepared as an art, according to very ancient traditions.

apulian edible favors, bottle of olive oil

bottle of olive oil as wedding favor (pinterest.com)

  • Taralli

Taralli is an Apulian indigenous and cultural crunchy oven baked bread. It’s oven browned with a variety of delicious and whimsical fragrances to enhance its flavor, such as sesame, onion, chili pepper or rosemary.

apulian edible favors, taralli

Typical Apulian taralli (mielericotta.com)

You want to appreciate your guest for travelling and coming to celebrate your big day with you and, most importantly, make a lasting delightful impression about your wedding through wedding favors. You are in Apulia honey! Where dreams come to reality. Try out some of these edible favors found only in Apulia and they will make your event the epitome of all weddings.

You can include as many native Apulian products in the gift bag as you wish; because you will be assured that your guest will love it (see 5 typical Apulian must-have dishes for your wedding banquet). Make your gift bag unique from the rest of the wedding favors your guest has received before!

If you need some help  to find the perfect wedding favors for your wedding, contact us!



Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


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