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Butterfly Release For Weddings: Yes Or No?

butterfly release at a wedding ceremony

Butterfly Release For Weddings: Yes Or No?

The origins of butterfly release

Butterfly release at the end of a wedding ceremony is probably considered a dream for many brides-to-be. Butterflies are undoubtedly very beloved creatures, thanks to their beauty, grace and elegance, that’s why the butterfly wedding theme is very popular all over the world!

In spite of its popularity, the origins of this practice of butterfly release are not very well-known: it has its roots in the tribes of Native Americans, because of their love for nature and for these special and mysterious creatures they admired and respected.

The cons of butterfly release

Even if the idea of being surrounded by a cloud of beautiful butterflies is surely enchanting, this practice has many negative aspects. First of all, if butterflies are not kept in suitable containers, they suffer and often die, so you won’t have no poetic clouds of colorful wings around you but a bunch of poor creatures that can barely fly out of the box.

Then, if you use butterflies coming from other areas of the world and that are not compatible with the local environment, they are likely to die soon and in any case they might carry a series of bacteria, viruses and parasites that will infect the local environmental system with great damages.

So there are two main problems: one related to the treatment of butterflies and their possible sufferings, another concerning the effects of this release on the surrounding ecosystem.

How to have an ethic and safe release

Luckily it is possible to find nowadays companies, specialised in breeding butterflies for this purpose, that follow a strict ethical code.

They breed only those species of butterflies that are suitable for this purpose and that are compatible with the local environment; they are also certified as free from pathogens, so that their release will be safe for the ecosystem.

Butterflies don’t suffer when they are carried to the place of the ceremony because they are not frozen or kept in unsuitable boxes: these companies use specific containers so that the transportation is not a stress for them.

butterfly release after a wedding

An ethical butterfly release by Farfalle per eventi

Our advice is then to be very careful and conscious if you decide to have a butterfly release for your wedding: rely only on those companies who guarantee an ethical approach and certified butterflies. In this way you’ll be certain of a wonderful result, with the awareness that neither the butterflies nor the environment will suffer for your choice.

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