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Amazing ideas for a fabulous butterfly wedding!

butterfly wedding escort cards

Amazing ideas for a fabulous butterfly wedding!

Why a butterfly wedding?

Butterflies are among the most beloved creatures in the world: their beauty, together with their lightness and fragility makes them unique.  The cycle of their life, too, is incredibly special and full of symbolism: the caterpillar that turns into a splendid butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation, of change and rebirth.

All these aspects can be perfectly associated to a wedding, that is surely an expression of love and beauty but also an event of deep change, the beginning of a new life.

Butterfly wedding theme: how to set it

So, it’s no wonder that butterflies are often used as a theme for weddings: the net, and Pinterest in particular, is full of great ideas and inspirations about it!

As decorative elements, butterflies can be suitable to different wedding styles: no matter what kind of wedding you are planning, either urban or country, either elegant or informal, characterized by neutral tones or extremely colorful, you will be able to adapt this beautiful symbol in the best way.

But it is important to define right from the start how we want to express our butterfly wedding theme and to choose our guidelines, or we might run the risk of mixing butterflies of different kind, giving an idea of confusion and excess.

So, how do we want our butterflies to look like? We can opt for realistic butterflies with all their different real shapes and colors, for example. Or we can decide to choose one kind of butterfly, in only one color. We can also choose a stylized butterfly, a particular graphic symbol that will characterize every element of our wedding.

Once we have decided this, we can choose how to make our butterfly match the general style and atmosphere of our wedding.

Ideas for butterfly decorations

Another aspect to consider is how to adapt the butterfly wedding theme to the different element of the event. This is not different at all, butterflies are so beautiful that can be placed everywhere!

Here are some ideas!

1. Bride and groom

The outfits of both the bride and groom can be enriched with wonderful butterflies! Light white butterflies can be applied on the dress, either on the bodice or on the bottom of the gown. But they can also decorate the veil or be used as head piece! The groom can wear an original butterfly as bouttoniere.

butterfly deco for bride and groom

From: Wedding Inspirasi – Etsy – Brides of Adelaide – Knot for Life

 2. The bouquet

Butterflies land gently on flowers, so what better place that the bridal bouquet? If you want a very original one, instead, you might choose a bouquet entirely made by butterflies!

butterfly wedding bouquets

From: Pinterest – Confetti Wedding – Etsy – SparkHatch Events

3. Wedding cake and other sweets

According to the style of the wedding, the butterflies will be all of the same color or of different ones, big or small, realistic or stylised, but the effect will be delightful!

They can be used to decorate not only the wedding cake but also cupcakes and cake pops. And what about butterfly-shaped cookies?

butterfly wedding cakes and sweets

From: Knot For Life – Cake Central – Chickabug – Flickr

 4. Invitations, seating plan, seating cards, etc.

Using one single decor that will characterize all the elements of the wedding, such as the invitation suite (save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and so on), the seating plan oir the escort cards, the table numbers, place cards, menus etc. will create great elegance and harmony to the style of the event.

butterfly wedding stationery

From: Wedding Stuff Ideas – Etsy – The Overwhelmed Bride – Pinterest – Inspirational Invitations

 5. Other decorations

Butterflies can be used to decorate the ceremony backdrop, the centerpieces, and then lanterns, favors… even the flower girl can become a lovely little butterfly!

But pay attention to the overall view of the situation, choose and dose carefully the amount of decorations or the final result will be excessive: too much of something is never a good idea!

butterfly wedding decor ideas

butterfly wedding decor ideas
From: eBay – Party Ideas by a Pro – Whimsical Raindrop Cottage – Wedding Chicks – Flickr14

Aren’t these all charming ideas? You can find more in our Pinterest board dedicated to a butterfly wedding! And don’t forget to share these ideas with all your friends, they will love them!

Need help to create the style of your wedding? Don’t worry, contact us now and you will find out the many ways we can help you!




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