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You and Your Wedding Guests: 10 Ideas to Keep Them Comfortable

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You and Your Wedding Guests: 10 Ideas to Keep Them Comfortable

It is always said that a wedding should reflect the taste and personaly of the spouses, as it is their big day, and that it is what they want that matters.

This is certainly true, but the bride and groom must also take something else into consideration: the presence of their wedding guests!

They will be surely very happy to be part of your wedding and you will surely want them to enjoy every moment of the event – the ceremony, the food, the party – as much as you do.

But if you want them to feel really welcome and comfortable during the whole, long wedding day, try to think about what they might be in need of, and prepare some gadgets and accessories that they will greatly enjoy!

Useful Gadgets Your Wedding Guests Will Surely Appreciate!

1. Bottles of water

Yes, your guests will find water and some other kind of drinks later, when the wedding banquet begins, but if it is summer, and it is a very hot day and there are still HOURS before the moment everbody will be allowed to reach the reception area… well, they will be more than grateful to find little bottles of fresh water at hand for a bit of refreshment!

Water for wedding guests

Water bottles ready for the guests (storenvy.com)

2. Sun glasses

They will be very appreciated by your guests, if your wedding takes place under the shiny Apulian sun!

And if you customize them with your names and the date of your wedding, they will be a wonderful favor they will bring home as a keepsake!

Sunglasses for wedding guests

Guests will love some shade! (etsy.com)

3. Parasols

An alternative to sun glasses? Parasols! White or coloured, depending on your wedding style and on the colour palette you have chosen, they are a very stylish accessory.

Parasols for wedding guests

Beautiful parasols, ideal for sunny days (pinterest.com)

4. Fans

Another gadget that your wedding guests will love! There’s nothing better than some fresh air during a lovely – yet hot! – ceremony.

Perhaps I’m a bit  monotonous, I know, but our springs- and summers can be very very hot and all these ideas could represent a real relief for all your family members and friends!

(Having a summer wedding? Here are 7 great wedding venues for ceremonies on the sea near Bari)

Fans for wedding guests

Hot day? Fans are perfect! (theknot.com)

5. Insect and mosquito repellents

Outdoor ceremonies and parties are wonderful, there’s nothing more romantic than to be surrounded by trees, flowers, all the beauty of nature!

But unfortunately insects – and mosquitoes in particular – are a part of nature, too… a very annoying part, to be honest! A basket with some repellent sprays will be most helpful!

Insect repellent  for wedding guests

A great relief for your guests in summer! (theknot.com)

6. Scarves or pashminas

Even if it is a warm day, but it is a bit windy, or in the evening, your guests will be happy to have a scarf or a pashmina to cover their necks and shoulders (especially the ladies!), not to mention the fact that it is also a very beautiful gift and a sign of great care from you.

Pashminas for wedding guests

A lovely gift for your wedding guests (a-brides-best-friend.com)

7. Heel covers

This is something all your female guests will be tremendously thankful for, if you have an outdoor ceremony and/or reception: meadows are lovely, of course, but can be terrible if you wear high-heel shoes that keep on sinking in the grass!

Heel covers for wedding guests

Heel covers are so helpful on the grass (weddingbee.com)

8. Dancing shoes

There are some women who are able to resist on high heels for many hours (I can’t, unfortunately), but during a wedding reception, when the music starts and it is time to reach the dance floor, I’m sure that all of them will be more than happy to replace their shoes with the flip-flops or ballerina flats you’ll have prepared for the occasion!

Flip-flops for wedding guests

A nice gift to dance comfortably! (rusticweddingchic.com)

Not Only Single Gadgets: Wedding Bags!

Instead of single accessories, you can opt for a more complete gift for your wedding guests, depending on the kind of event, the number of guests and on how rich of details you want your wedding to be.

( About Wedding Bags you can also have a look at  Wedding Welcome Bag)

9. Wedding Day Bags

These are little bags, one for each guests, that contains everything will be necessary and useful for the wedding day: the  text of the ceremony, the program of the day, a bottle of water, a fan, paper tissues, a bag with rice or petals, a little box of mints and so on.

wedding bag for wedding guests

A beautiful, perfectly customized, wedding bag (cinziatableaux.it)

10. Welcome bags

If you are planning a wedding weekend or a destination wedding, you really have to welcome your guests who have travelled to reach you: a nice bag or basket in their hotel room, full of useful and pretty gifts, is a perfect way to say thank you!

What to put in a welcome bag? Well, the choice is wide! The week-end program, a map of the area, a list of interesting places to visit and activities to do, snacks and drinks, and whatever gadget is in theme with your wedding style, with the venue and the season: a towel for the beach, sunglasses, beauty items.

You can add local products too: here in Apulia, for example, a bag of typical taralli and some jars of our delicious preserves will be perfect!

Welcome bags for wedding guests

A welcome bag with all its little, charming gifts (etsy.com)

Did you find these ideas useful? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget that our inner studio and our selected and trusted suppliers are always ready to help you create customized wedding bags and accessoriesto make your guests happy and your wedding wonderful! Write us now!




Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


Cover photo: Amber Wilkie Photography


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