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What will be Brexit consequences for destination weddings in Italy?

brexit consequences

What will be Brexit consequences for destination weddings in Italy?

The epochal event of Brexit

This is with no doubt one of the events that has involved us the most in these last days: the referendum about the exit of Great Britain from the EU, with the surprising result of the victory of the “Leave” front.

We actually didn’t expect such a result, but as it is so, the natural question that comes to our minds is: what will Brexit consequences be now and in the future?

Our “curiosity” derives, obviously, from a great interest about this fact that will deeply influence the international politics and the lives of so many peoples. But we also have a particular interest about the Brexit consequences on destination weddings!

Puglia is one of the most appreciated destination for couples coming from the UK, thanks to its mild climate, its beautiful landscapes, the charm of the masserie and of its clear blue sea.

So, it is quite natural for us to wonder how the Brexit referendum will affect the connections between Great Britain and Italy… and surely also the English couples who dream about a destination wedding in sunny Apulia are thinking the same!

Perhaps it is still a bit early to have a real knowledge of the changes that there will be, the procedures to leave the EU will be long and won’t take less than two years to be completed (at least that’s what we’ve been reading these days), so there shouldn’t be any direct Brexit consequences by now. But we can try and imagine some of them.

Brexit consequences on destination weddings in Italy

1. Paperwork

This is the first issue, that is fundamental for those who want to get married in Italy with a legally binding ceremony (either civil or religious). There shouldn’t be any changes to the present situation until the exit will be completed, so there won’t be any immediate consequences concerning paperwork.

Of course we will always keep up-to-date in order to give correct advice to our clients!

2. Costs

This is an issue that suffers Brexit consequences more immediately: we all know that the pound has dramatically fallen right after the referendum.

This fact has and will have repercussions on those couples who were thinking of Italy as their destination because it was cheaper: perhaps it won’t be like that anymore. There will be increases in the costs of transportations, of goods and of services because the exchange rate won’t be that favorable anymore.

3. Flights

We’ve been used to an easy circulation of people and of goods around Europe, low cost flights and the possibility to reach London and the rest of UK with a minimum expense (and the same for British people travelling around Europe).

Low cost companies could apply such low fares thanks to the EU, but now the situation will surely change: both European and British airline companies will have to re-negotiate agreements and fares. This unfortunately means that travelling between England and Italy will be more expensive.


Anyway, let’s also consider this: even if things will get a bit more difficult, they won’t become impossible, will they?

And we are always ready to give competent and up-to-date advice to our couples to help them solve the possible problems deriving from Brexit and to welcome them here in our beautiful Puglia!

So, dont’ give up your idea of getting married here and contact us immediately to plan your dreamy destination wedding in Apulia!




Lots of (Apulian) love!
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