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The Best Puglia Wine For Your Wedding in Italy!

Puglia wine with the view of trulli

The Best Puglia Wine For Your Wedding in Italy!

What is a wedding banquet without wine?

Think about your dream wedding reception in an amazing venue in Puglia: you’re having a splendid Italian-style banquet, enriched perhaps by some of the specialities of Apulian food, could you imagine all this without wine? You probably can’t.

After all, important events are always celebrated with wine, wine is the very symbol of celebrations, it has always been!

That’s why your wedding in Puglia can’t be without some examples of the very special wines that are produced in this region!

The characteristics of Puglia wine

Puglia wine reflects the peculiarity of its region: Puglia is in the south of Italy, the very heel of the boot, with a mild climate and very sunny and hot summers. The different typologies of territory, that vary from mountains, hilly areas, and plains, create perfect environments for different grape varieties.

These varieties have always been used to produce excellent wine, some productions can boast centuries of history, but they used to be appreciated only by local populations. In the rest of Italy, instead, Puglia wine was used mainly to enrich other kinds of wine, but was not really considered as a wine production with an importance of its own.

Luckily those times are over now! Puglia wine is appreciated not only at a national level, but in the whole world, thanks to many international acknowledgements that its different varieties have received. Now there are 25 DOC kinds of Puglia wine, that is they have the guarantee of origin.

vineyard of Puglia wine

A vineyard in Puglia (aziendagiannico.com)

Examples of Puglia wine

Now let’s see in the detail the most important and famous varieties of Puglia wine.

Three are the most renowned of them and are all red wines: Primitivo di Manduria, Negroamaro and Salice Salentino, that are considered as real symbols of the region. They are all produced in Salento, whose soil is particularly suitable for these grape varieties. These wines perfectly match with the rich and savoury recipes of pasta and meat of the Apulian cooking tradition.

The other areas of the region are no less so: in the provinces of Bari and of Barletta-Andria-Trani there is the Castel del Monte Aglianico, while  in the province of Foggia we find the Catt’é Mmitte of Lucera and the Nero di Troia, whose name (nero means black) refers to its very dark and intense color.

Puglia wine varieties include also excellent white and sparkling wines, even if they are less famous than the red ones.

So, whenever you are in Puglia, you cannot miss both its excellent food and wine!

Apulian masserie are the typical places where you can appreciate both, especially during one of the many tastings of local products that are often organized. You’ll be able to understand not only the characteristics of these specialities but also the strong connection of Puglia wine and food with the land, the people and its millennial culture.

Whether you are here for a holiday or to celebrate your wedding, we can enrich your stay in Puglia helping you plan one of these interesting tasting: you will enjoy it enormously!

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