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How Not To Look For Puglia Wedding Venues

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How Not To Look For Puglia Wedding Venues

Looking for Puglia wedding venues

If you are a couple who wants to get married in Italy, maybe in our lovely region, you’ll probably be anxious to know the places, how the landscapes look like, how Puglia wedding venues are. That is totally understandable: a wedding is an important event, that requires a big economic and emotional investment and you surely don’t want it to be a source of regrets!

That’s why we like to show so many aspects of Puglia, its places, towns, venues, and we try to communicate its characteristics and atmospheres: we want you to know and appreciate this region even before you see it!

chiostro dei domenicani - puglia wedding venues

Chiostro dei Domenicani (chiostrodeidomenicani.it)

What not to do when looking for wedding venues

But sometimes couples may be tempted to ask wedding planners, when they are still at the beginning of their relationship and have not decided whether to hire their services yet, to be already provided with names and contacts of wedding venues, because they want to check their websites, take information and decide if these venues can be suitable BEFORE hiring the wedding planner, as if the choice of this professional could depend on the number of wedding venues indicated.

Providing some names of wedding venues might sound such an easy thing to do, after all it’s just a matter of writing a short email, isn’t it? Well, not exactly. Behind the substantial archive of a wedding planner there is always a long and constant work.

This job is made of long searches surfing the internet, emails and phone calls to inquiry for information, many appointments for site inspections, and also a continuous updating, because venues sometimes close or have a change of management: things that wedding planners do in place of the couples, who otherwise should spend a lot of time and energies to look for their favourite venue, especially if the venue is in another country.

So it is easy to understand how all this search is actually a job and it should be considered as a real job.

The solution

Then, how to conciliate the understandable needs of couples who might prefer not to commit immediately with a wedding planner for the whole organization of the event, if they are still not very sure about the wedding venue on one side and the recognition of the wedding planner’s job on the other?

We propose a solution: if you need time to know the wedding planner better, before deciding that she is the right choice for you, but you also feel that having a more complete knowledge of the wedding venues is an important aspect of this choice, book the venue search service at first. In this way you will have the guarantee of a very professional service, targeted on your real requirements and desires, you’ll be sure that your interests will be protected and will have a better idea of the way your wedding planner works and if there is a good relationship with her.

We already do that, we propose single services that can be combined together and it is possible to ask us only to help you select the best Puglia wedding venues. And if you then decide we are the right match for you, that’s perfect! We will be so happy to help you plan all the other aspects of your wedding!

Do you want to know more about it? Contact us, we will give you all the information you need!



Lots of (Apulian) love!
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Cover photo: Villa Romanazzi


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