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What Does A Wedding Designer Do? Our Services Explained To Couples

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What Does A Wedding Designer Do? Our Services Explained To Couples

Have you ever wondered: “What does a Wedding Designer do?”

This question is, I think, quite common among those couples who come in touch for the first time with the world of the wedding industry.

There is sometimes a bit of confusion about the different activities of planning and designing a wedding: the wedding planner is the one who deals with all the organizational and logistic aspects of a wedding: selecting venues, vendors, keeping the budget under control, scheduling activities and so on.

The wedding designer, instead, is the one who projects and turns into reality all the elements that create the style and the atmosphere of the event.

In the case of Apulia Weddings these two activities are combined, that’s why you can find Wedding Design among our services.

So, what is our way to approach this service? How do we establish a professional but also very personal relationship with our couples who require the Wedding Design Service?

wedding decorations

White and blue decorations for a wedding in Apulia (alchimieventi.com)

First steps: setting the mood

Well, the first thing we do is to listen to the couple carefully to understand exactly what their wishes are. We prepare a quotation of our services and, once the spouses have accepted it and the contract is signed by both sides, the real work of creation of a wedding project can start!

Talking to the couple is a very important step, because we need to have a clear idea of their desires and necessities, to make their dreams and hopes come true.

In this dynamic process, we usually avail ourselves of moodboards, which are perfect to visualize the atmosphere of the event.

table setting

Simple but elegant table setting (alchimieventi.com)

Let’s go into action!

If the spouses have booked a full planning service or have combined the services of design service and venue search, we manage to select – together with the spouses, of course – the venue that better matches the style of the event that we want to create, otherwise we inspect the venue they have already chosen. Here we take photos and measure the spaces to have a clear view of the place.

While defining the project we prepare a second quotation for our clients: the one which details all the materials, elements and accessories that are required to turn the project into reality.

When couples are too far to plan a trip to visit venues and suppliers, we help them to get the most precise idea possible of the whole project by means of sketches or renderings and photos: it’s very important for us to reassure them about the final effect of what we are about to make!

In this phase we also involve all the necessary professionals, such as set designers, illustrators, florists and so on: there is an efficient teamwork that progressively gets deeper and deeper as we proceed from the idea to the concrete realization.

The choice of these professionals is the result of years of collaboration, so their quality is tested and guaranteed!


Chevron décor for tasty cupcakes (alchimieventi.com)

For example: what do you think about the style of the settings and decorations of these photos? They all belong to our inspiration shoot dedicated to Apulia, called Puglia’s breath, that represents an ideal wedding between an Italian bride  and an American groom, a wedding design project that combines traditional Apulian patterns, colours and atmosphere with contemporary décor details!

Do you like it? Let us know in the comments and share the post to inspire more future brides!

If you want more information about this particular service of ours, ask us! We will be more than glad to answer your questions and solve your doubts!


Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


Cover photo: Alchimieventi


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