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Wedding Secretary: The Service You Won’t Do Without!

wedding secretary service

Wedding Secretary: The Service You Won’t Do Without!

Wedding Secretary Service: what it is…

Today we want to talk of an apparently small service of ours, but that is incredibly helpful for those couples who are planning their own wedding: the Wedding Secretary Service.

Actually, when we mention it with some friends who are already married, the reaction is always the same: “how I wish I had such a help during my wedding preparations! I would have valued it as precious as gold!” – no kidding, it is really what they say!

But why is this service so useful for couples? Because nowadays we are always so busy, so full of things to remember and to do every single day: meetings, appointments, invitations, payments, PIN numbers, etc. etc. …  and we keep on looking for tools to keep everything under control, don’t we?

When you have to add the preparation of a wedding to all this mess, you are very likely to find yourself thinking “I wish I had a secretary to remind me about everything the very moment I have to do it!”

That’s exactly what we do, we act as your own secretary for all your wedding-related issues that you’d had to cram into your head: appointments, deadlines, payments, guests management… wouldn’t it be wonderful to get rid of all of them?

.. and how it works

We usually start talking with the couple about their needs and their lifestyle: a perfect service takes into consideration your daily routine, your time schedule, your engagements and your spare time. There’s no point in contacting you when you are busy at work, right? So you tell us when you have time to think about your wedding preparations, how in advance you want to receive the different reminders and also in which way: do you prefer Whatsapp or a text message? Or are you an e-mail fan?

Whatever your preferences are, we prepare a specific calendar for you – the ideal is Google Calendar, but also a traditional agenda can work well – where we write everything: all the appointments, payments, deadlines and so on.

This service is perfect to help you with all the different vendors: we will be your and their point of reference, they will contact us (and not you, interrupting something you are busy with) to postpone a meeting, for example, or to schedule a new one or for any other communication.

Having a Wedding Secretary is also a great resource if you don’t have time to keep in touch with all your guests. We can activate for you a dedicated infoline: our number will be printed on your invitation cards and we will be the point of reference for the RSVP service, or to give answers to all those who need to know how to reach the wedding venue, if you have a registry, or if there is a specific menu for old uncle Jim who’s got diabetes.

And if you are now wondering “I am having a destination wedding in Apulia, can this service work all the same?” the reply is: yes, of course!

We can be even more useful to help you solve all the little problems connected with a wedding abroad: we can arrange your Skype meetings with the vendors in order to take not only your engagements, but also the time zone into consideration (it might seem obvious but it isn’t).

And about your guests: they will need even more support in this case as they require more information and assistance being so far from home. And knowing that there is someone who is taking care about them, who is arranging cars to pick them up at the airport, and booking hotel rooms for a comfortable accommodation, will be a great relief for you!

So, we are sure that the Wedding Secretary is the service you won’t do without for your wedding preparations!

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Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


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