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Wedding Event Insurance in Italy: What You Need To Know

wedding event insurance for damages

Wedding Event Insurance in Italy: What You Need To Know

Why couples ask for a wedding event insurance

The request of a wedding event insurance is one of the most frequent requests that we receive from foreign couples, and the reason of this request is very comprehensible!

The wedding ceremony and reception are a source of great expectations and anxiety, there is so much involved in this event:  the work of many professionals, hours and hours of planning, emotions, hopes, efforts and, let’s say it, even a lot of money! This is one-of-a-kind experience, if something goes wrong during the wedding day there’s no way of making up for it, there will be no repeat performance to correct mistakes.

Couples know all this and for this reason they want to feel protected against any possible unforeseen events and also be refunded in case of damages.

wedding event insurance

money for insurance (hotwireins.com)

 Wedding insurances in Italy

The main problem, when talking about wedding planning in Italy, is that a specific wedding event insurance for wedding planners does not exist actually.

But we are totally concerned about our clients and have their best interests at heart, we want them to be protected and their event to be a real success. That’s why the contracts we sign with them takes every possible problem into consideration and indicates the solution to it: our clients know that in any case they will always have a professional wedding planner taking care for all their needs!

We also want them to be protected from any possible damage caused by other wedding vendors’ job. That’s why, as a first thing, we only select those suppliers we consider highly professional and who offer the best services. Then we take care to check that the specific contracts our couples sign with them are clearly detailed and include all the services they have agreed upon and all the clauses about their liability for non-compliance.

The solution for a wedding insurance coverage

If you feel anyway that a wedding event insurance is important for your peace of mind, you don’t have to worry, because we have the solution! We can help you find Italian wedding  vendors and venues: they will stipulate an insurance policy to protect you from service cancellations, damages, and so on.

Contact us for more details, we will be happy to answer all your questions on the matter!


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