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Valentine’s Day: 5 Amazing Things To Do In Romantic Apulia

valentine's day at masseria potenti

Valentine’s Day: 5 Amazing Things To Do In Romantic Apulia

The most romantic day of the year

Today is February 11th and this means that Valentine’s Day is almost here!

On that day couples in every part of the world celebrate their love (even if it should always be celebrated and not only one day a year) and look for new ways of saying “I love you” to each other.

If you’re running out of original ideas and you’re planning a weekend here in Apulia, we have selected for you 5 amazing proposals. And if you’re not planning to spent Valentine’s Day in Apulia this year… well, we strongly advise to keep these suggestions in store for the next one or in case you want to spend a romantic weekend in another period, perhaps more meaningful to you and your partner (such as a special anniversary).

But before that, do you know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

The name derives from a Christian Saint, Saint Valentine, who was the bishop of the town of Terni at the time of the Roman Empire and who was condemned to death during the persecutions against the Christians. He was killed exactly on February 14th, that’s why the Catholic Church commemorates this Saint on this day.

But why he is connected with the idea of love? There are many legends about this Saint: one tells that he helped a couple to reconcile after a fight; another one tells that he joined in marriage a Christian girl with a Roman centurion, after baptizing him. So, during the centuries, he has become the patron saint of lovers.

5 romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Apulia

Here are the different proposals we have selected for you to spend a very special Valentine’s Day here in Apulia!

1. The itinerary of lovers in Bari vecchia

Every year on February 14th it is possibile to take part to a guided tour along the picturesque narrow streets and squares of the old town centre of Bari, like the alley of Santa Lucia, where lovers will exchange a kiss, and the so-called Arco delle Meraviglie (the arch of wonders) were visitors will stop to listen to the legends about the secret lovers who used to live in that place during the Middle Age.

valentine's day at Bari

Arco delle Meraviglie in Bari (areachiara.com)

2. A tour in the “town of love”

Vico del Gargano, in the province of Foggia is a very picturesque and romantic town, situated on a hill with a beautiful view on the sea. Its patron saint is Saint Valentine (it couldn’t be differently!) and on February 14th many couples gather to visit its most famous street: the renowned “Alley of the kiss”, a very narrow alley (only 50 cm wide!) that oblige passers-by to be very close, hence its name!

valentine's day at vico del gargano

Via del Bacio in Vico del Gargano (borghiamo.it)

3. An unusual shooting

For all those who love the romance of the past centuries, here is an original way to spend this feast: to take part to a shooting in costumes of the 18th century!

This is a proposal of NotEventi, a firm that produces period costumes and plans the shooting session too. A very romantic jump in the past!

 4. Romantic weekend

You can spend a whole weekend in one of the many great hotels and masserie here in Apulia, that offers special Valentine’s Day packages.

Beautiful comfortable rooms, romantic dinners, champagne toasts and relaxing spa treatments for two are part of these packages for an unforgettable weekend together!

5. The (not so) traditional dinner by candlelight

This is a classic way of celebrating this feast, it’s true, but WHERE you have dinner makes all the difference!

Giovinazzo is a town in the province of Bari, with a beautiful old town centre and a very romantic small port.

And right on this small port there is the Romanazzi’s Apulia Restaurant,cosy and comfortable, a perfect place to taste seafood recipes and white wine, while admiring the wonderful view.

Did you like these proposals? Let us know in the comments below!


Well, now you only have to make your choice, to contact us in case you need more information or help to plan one of this amazing activities and…. happy Valentine’s Day everybody!!!




Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


Cover photo: Masseria Potenti




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