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The Symbolic Wedding Ceremony of Claudio and Maria

claudio and maria symbolic wedding ceremony

The Symbolic Wedding Ceremony of Claudio and Maria

Today we want to tell you about another of our beautiful couples: Claudio e Maria, who are about to celebrate their first anniversary!

They are not a foreign couple, actually, but theirs is somehow a destination wedding because they both live and work in Milan, and they chose to move to Puglia for their symbolic wedding ceremony because it is Maria’s region of birth.

They contacted Claudia last year by email: they wanted a very personal and special symbolic wedding ceremony, with a text inspired by their beautiful and romantic love story (with a reference to the proposal of marriage that Claudio had asked Maria during his surprise birthday party!) and with many details that were the true expression of their personalities.

The wedding ceremony and reception were already fixed: they would take place on June 1st 2015 at Masseria Relais del Cardinale, a stunning venue in the countryside near Fasano, in the province of Brindisi.

As Claudia had already a wedding booked for that day, she entrusted the celebration of the ceremony to Chiara, with the assistance of Daniela. Therefore she arranged a Skype meeting so that they could get to know each other before the wedding day: this helped to create a relationship of trust and familiarity between the spouses and the celebrant, that is very important to create the best atmosphere during the ceremony.

June 1st arrived very quickly! It was an enchanting sunny day.

claudio and maria symbolic ceremony table

The ceremony table for Claudio and Maria: every detail is customized

The color palette chosen by the spouses, tiffany and white with touches of yellow, was expressed through the different décor elements: the elegant flower arrangements with wonderful hydrangeas, the accessories for the symbolic sand rite and the great logo that was especially made for the spouses and that decorated many little details of the wedding.

The spouses were surrounded by their families and many friends and the whole ceremony was a real expression of the great love that united all of them, not only the bride and groom! This was perfectly clear in the moment of the readings, when some relatives and friends took the microphone to read their messages to Claudio and Maria.

It was a moment of great fun mixed with deep feelings, when it was hard to tell if the tears were caused by the laughters or by the emotion!

symbolic wedding ceremony in Puglia

Chiara celebrating Claudio and Maria’s ceremony

But here are how Claudio and Maria describe that day:

“June 1st 2015. Our wedding. A dream come true. And it came true exactly in the way we had dreamt it. A civil wedding through which we, Maria and Claudio, wanted to recall our past and to plan our future. In order to do that, we needed a special wedding formula. A rite written specifically for us and with our witnesses to be the bridges to connect our past with our future. A perfect ceremony in every detail, from the preparation of the text, to the choice of the symbolic rite. During the rite we experience every possible state of mind: joy, tears of emotion, laughters, fantasy and play.

claudio and maria symbolic wedding ceremony

A kiss surrounded by… soap bubbles!

The plot of the ceremony, written by Claudia, has turned our dream into reality. Nothing was left to chance. At Alchimie Eventi they don’t limit themselves to plan a wedding, they create THE WEDDING. We still remember the starting questionnaire, that we received separately, that was aimed to understand how we were and what were, according to us, the most important things for our special day. They didn’t stop there, they availed themselves of every possible source to understand who we were and we are, our philosophy of life and our values.

Claudia, Chiara and all Alchimie’s staff accompanied us during our journey of preparation to June 1st, listening to all our wishes and turning them into reality and exceeding all our expectations. A perfect wedding that all our guests, and the two of us, still recall with joy and emotion after one year.

At the end of the ceremony, our guests celebrated us not with the classic throwing of the rice, but by surrounding us with a myriad of soap bubbles that, softly blown by the wind, were rising towards the blue sky with their thousand glares of light. That moment symbolizes Alchimie’s talent to create a perfect symphony starting from the hundreds of tiles that compose the past and the dreams of the future spouses who trust themselves to Claudia and her staff. Thanks for contributing to make our dream come true. June 1st 2015: The dream.”

We want to thank Maria and Claudio for their wonderful words: helping them to make their dream real was a great joy and satisfaction for all of us! Thank you, dear Maria and Claudio, we wish you all the best for a marvellous life together!



Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


Thanks to Claudio and Maria for the great photos!



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