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The Best Places Chosen By Wedding Photographers in Apulia

Wedding photographers in Apulia

The Best Places Chosen By Wedding Photographers in Apulia

Apulia and wedding photography: a great match!

Apulia is full of incredible places of great beauty and we often talk about them, giving our advice on what to do, where to go, the views you cannot miss. This time we wanted to know the opinion of those professionals who, more than others, have constantly to do with “beautiful places”, especially in connection with our favourite topic: weddings!

And who are they? The wedding photographers in Apulia, of course! We were very interested in knowing their point of view, that is the technical point of view of professionals who consider places not only because of their actual beauty, but also because of  the effects of light and colours, of the value these places have for wedding photography.

To cut a long story short, we wanted to see those places how photographers see them!

Our questionnaire to wedding photographers in Apulia

So, we decided to prepare a sort of questionnaire and to send it to some talented wedding photographers in Apulia (thank you very much Google Forms, you’ve been much of a help!) giving them a list of options among which they could choose their three favourite places.

This is the list of Apulian places we prepared:

And these are the answers:

Do you want to know which place received more votes?

Well, there were two joint winners: drumm rolls…. suspense…. Polignano and Alberobello!

Did you imagine that? Well, it must be said that these two are perhaps the most iconic images of Apulia, both particular and somehow magical places, so no wonder they’ve been chosen so enthusiastically by our photographers!

But let’s read how they commented their choices.

Claudio Moccia (who chose the cliff of Polignano and the alleys among the trulli in Alberobello):

“I have chosen these two locations, because they represent two different points of view: sea and land, a perfect union at few kilometers of distance”

Apulian wedding photography - Claudio Moccia

Wedding photo with the typical colours and atmospheres of Apulia (claudiomoccia.com)

Purewhite Photography (who chose the cliff of Polignano, the alleys among the trulli in Alberobello and the walls of Ostuni):

“These selections underline the beauty of this region and are the most representative and characteristic of its identity.”

Sergio Breglia of No Limits Photo (who chose the cliff of Polignano, the alleys among the trulli in Alberobello and the castle of Barletta):

“I’ve chosen these locations among all, because, in my opinion, they are the most beautiful and offer the opportunity to vary during the wedding photo shooting that No Limits Photo offers, allowing us to realize both reportage and artistic works.

Moreover, it is possible to find in these places extraordinary glimpses to take amazing black and white photos, incredible backlit shots and wonderful backgrounds for artistic photos. Professionally speaking, I prefer them.”

Wedding photography in Polignano - No Limits Photo

Polignano is an amazing background for wedding photos (nolimitsphoto.com)

Rossini Photography (who chose the cliff of Polignano, the alleys among the trulli in Alberobello and the walls of Ostuni):

“The foreign couples who choose Apulia for their destination wedding are not actually looking for the photo in front of the monument/cathedral, they rather want to capture in the pictures the romantic, esotic, picturesque atmosphere typical of this region. That’s why, during the photo sessions of couples, I privilege the right mix of pictures of scenes that capture the landscape, in postcard style (and beaches or cliffs are perfect for this purpose) and of more picturesque images, in “Dolce Vita” style, that capture the typical Italian atmosphere that you can breathe in the beautiful ancient Apulian villages, and in this case a walk along the white alleys of Ostuni or among the trulli of Alberobello is perfect.”

Wedding photography in Apulia - Rossini Photography

Group photo for a wedding in beautiful Apulia (rossiniphotography.com)


And what about you? Which places would you have chosen? Let us know in the comments!

And contact us to help you select the right photographer for your wedding or to help you find the right venue!



Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]



Cover photo: PUREWHITE Photography


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