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Legal Requirements


If you want to marry in Italy and you are a foreign couple (bride, groom or both not Italian) you must follow this rules to obtain the permission and make your wedding legally valid.

  • Book the wedding ceremony in the Italian townhall you’ve chosen (you need a valid passport)
  • Ask your Embassy or Consulat in Italy or your correspondant Country Authority for the “nulla osta”, a document that certifies there are no legal obstacles to the wedding according to your Country laws
  • Find an interpreter for assistance with documents and ceremony (he/she must sign a sworn statement in front of the italian Public Officer in which he/she swear to accomplish his job faithfully)
  • Take an appointment with the Italian Public Officer and sign a sworn statement in which you swear there are no legal obstacles to the wedding according to italian laws
  • Get married with 2 witnesses (one for the bride, one for the groom)
  • Register the wedding in your Country


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