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Holidays in Apulia: 5 Great Things You Can Do Only Here

Holidays in Apulia: 5 Great Things You Can Do Only Here

Let’s plan wonderful holidays in Apulia!

Yes, today we want to give you great ideas for your spring and summer holidays in Apulia.

Perhaps you are wondering: “why? we are in winter!”, but such things as holidays abroad need to be prepared with some advance, don’t they? (and early bookings are also very convenient! 😉 ).

Apulia is not only a wonderful place where to have amazing weddings, but also a wonderful place for reinvigorating holidays that offer you occasions to relax and enjoy art, nature, lively entertainments, excellent food.

Certainly many of these things are possible and available in many other places in Italy and in the rest of the world: in many places you can go to the beach, play tennis or golf, have a relaxing treatment in a spa, go to the restaurants. But here in Apulia there are features and characteristics that cannot be found elsewhere, they are so typical and unique, that you really will have to come in this amazing region to enjoy them!

Great things you can do only in Apulia

1. To sojourn in a trullo or in a masseria

Apulia is characterized by the presence of these very particular sorts of constructions, that were once the traditional houses of farmers and country workers. Many of them have been restored with great care and attention, in the respect of the original structures and materials, such as the typical white stone, and turned into B&Bs, hotels and relais. Their charm is really matchless.

(Do you want to know Apulian masserie better?)

massseria for holidays in apulia

The white interiors of Masseria Eccellenza (masseriaeccellenza.it)

2. To visit the breath-taking coasts of Salento

The rocky coast of Salento is full of amazing coves that can be visited by boat!

There are many kind of boat trips available, such as the one in the Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo, with the opportunity of snorkeling and admiring the submerged Greek-Roman columns, or the visit of the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca, the extreme point of Italy!

salento coves for holidays in apulia

The suggestive show of Salento coast (tuttoilsalento.com)

 3. To visit unique centres of art

The world is full of amazing cities, Italy is full of amazing cities, but only in Apulia you can find such views such as the cathedral of Trani that reflects in sea waters or the white brightness of the churches and palaces in Barocco leccese!

(Don’t you remember them? No problem, have a look at  “The 10 Places in Apulia You Definitely Can’t Miss” and at the beautiful churches of Lecce and of its province.)

Lecce for holidays in Apulia

A charming view of Lecce (juzaphoto.com)

4. To taste excellent food (and to learn how to prepare it!)

We have often talked about the tasty recipes and food products you can find in Apulia (for example the “5 typical Apulian must-have dishes for your wedding banquet” or “The Most Delicious Christmas Sweets“), but there still would be so much to tell about it! Not to mention the production of wine and olive oil, widely appreciated all over the world for their high level quality. Many farmhouses in Apulia offer their guests tastings of all these products and also cooking lessons to learn how to make the most traditional (and savoury) recipes: do you want to know how to prepare orecchiette?

holidays in apulia and wine tasting

Excellent wines and food tasting at Masseria Brigantino (masseriabrigantino.com)

5. To dance all night at the Notte della Taranta!

This is the biggest musical festival in Italy. It takes place every summer in the month of August in many towns of Salento with the aim of enhancing the value of the traditional, popular music and dances of this part of Apulia.

Notte della taranta for holidays in Apulia

Music and dances at the Notte della Taranta (circuitoturismo.it)

If you want more information about all the possible options for your holidays in Apulia, just contact us! We have plenty of proposals for you and we are ready to create a customized offer for you!

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Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]



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