Our Services

Don’t be afraid to dream! If you have a special detail in mind, if you’re looking for uniqueness and out of ordinary, for something created just for you, you simply have to contact me. Whatever dream you have, I will be by your side to help you turn into reality. There are no boundaries to creativity and fantasy. You can choose between a complete consultation, entrusting me and my team with the complete organization of your event, or a partial consultation, through which we will handle only the most delicate and critical aspects of the event.

Wedding Planner

We handle the planning and the execution of your most special day, helping you with the choices to make, coordinating all the logistical and technical aspects of your event with a sensible sense of direction. We can help you to find the best services of the most trusted suppliers while still staying within your budget.  We will handle the minute details of the organization, leaving you with the joy of getting ready and with the emotion of living the perfect wedding, just like in your dreams.

Wedding Designer

We create a made-to-fit wedding designed according to your desires, reflecting your style and personality. Every detail is analysed, designed and realized with uttermost care to create a harmonious and impressive whole. We will direct the creation of your event, unique just like you, revolving around your love and passion for each other.

Wedding Day Coordinator

We will take care of the direction of your event. We will be by your side for the entire duration of the wedding to manage and coordinate all the professionals involved with the event, making sure that everything proceeds for the best according to the time table. We will solve any unforeseen problem in a timely and efficient manner, so that you can enjoy your special day in complete tranquillity.


Price List 2017

Are you considering hiring me for your amazing wedding in Apulia? GREAT, I am happy to help you!

I know that budget is a sensitive area for pretty much everyone, so I do want to give you a range of prices, so you can evaluate your investment in order to book a full wedding planning service with Apulia Wedding & Leisure (22% VAT included, travel expenses not included).

Complete Planning

  • Elopement Planning + Coordination  – from 900.00€ to 1900.00€
  • Wedding Planning + Coordination – from 2,600.00 to 4,600.00€

Most of my clients will be comfortably spending 1,200.00-1,500.00€ for elopements or very intimate weddings and 3,100.00-3,600.00€ for  standard weddings.

All packages are customizable, so we can also compose together the perfect package for you. Here you can find a general price list with my single services, contact me for further information.

Single Services


  • Assistance with Legal Requirements –  500.00€
  • Budget Plan – 150.00€
  • Time Plan – 100.00€
  • Venue Search – 250.00€
  • Venue Visit – 35.00€/h
  • Supplier/Professional Search – 100.00€


  • Wedding Day Coordinator –  starting from 500.00€
  • Pre-wedding Day Coordinator –  starting from 150.00€/day


  • Wedding Styling Project– starting from 300.00€
  • Complete Wedding Design – to be quoted


  • Bridal Look consulting – 350.00€
  • Groom’s Look consulting – 250.00€
  • Skype consulting – 35.00€/hour


  • Wedding Hostess Service – 20.00€/hour
  • Interpreter and translator service – starting from 150.00€
  • Wedding Secretary – 350.00€


  • Customized text for civil or symbolic ceremony -to be quoted
  • Officiant  -to be quoted

Extra Wedding Activities

  • Life Concierge – booking hotels, transfers, restaurant, organizing typical and unique experiences and activities for spouses and guests.
Some examples:
-tourist guide,
-day trip among the trulli or in the most beautiful cities and locations of Apulia and Basilicata,
-relax on the beach or diving,
-day trip in our natural caverns or in our archeological areas,
-sailing boat tour or dinner on boat,
-hot-air balloon tour,
-gastronomical itinerary and wine tasting,
-typical shows and exhibitions,
-horseback riding,
-and much more…

Please ask for a quotation