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Olive leaves wedding decorations: Apulian style!

By |09:00|

Olive trees are a symbol of Apulia, and usually remain in the memories of tourists that […]

Amazing ideas for a fabulous butterfly wedding!

By |09:00|

Why a butterfly wedding?
Butterflies are among the most beloved creatures in the world: their beauty, […]

Sunflower Wedding Ideas for an Amazing Country Wedding

By |09:00|

Country weddings in Puglia
Last week we talked about beautiful inspiration ideas for a beach-themed wedding. […]

Winter Sales in Apulia: When Shopping Meets Wedding Planning!

By |09:00|

The Italian tradition of winter sales
Christmas festivities in Italy last many days: after Christmas Day […]

What Does A Wedding Designer Do? Our Services Explained To Couples

By |09:00|

Have you ever wondered: “What does a Wedding Designer do?”

This question is, I think, quite […]

You and Your Wedding Guests: 10 Ideas to Keep Them Comfortable

By |09:00|

It is always said that a wedding should reflect the taste and personaly of the […]

7 inspirational ideas for your book-themed wedding

By |09:00|

Books and weddings: an ideal match
Books are an important part in the life of many […]

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