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Bridal Look Consulting: Be Stunning on Your Wedding Day!


Bridal Look Consulting: Be Stunning on Your Wedding Day!

Why brides may need a Bridal Look Consulting

The bridal look is surely one of the most important aspects of a wedding: every bride-to-be is deeply concerned about the way she will look that day, about her wedding hair and make up and bridal gown.

All these aspects must be perfectly combined to make her look stunning!

But sometimes it is not easy to understand what kinds of dress, hair style and make up are more stuitable, isn’t it? After all, getting married is not an everyday event!

Girls are not used to wearing bridal gowns or handling bouquets: they might have an idea of the styles they like more or like less, but they are rarely fully aware of which of them suits them best, simply because they have never tried one on before!

In these cases, hiring a bridal consultant can be a good idea: this professional helps brides to find the most suitable solutions taking into consideration every aspect: the bride’s physique, her tastes, the style of the event and so on.

This service is usually made in person, as the consultant and the bride meet directly. But have you ever thought about the possibility of getting this service even at a distance?

bridal look consultant

A bridal look consultant with a bride (coreyann.com)

Our Bridal Look Consulting for brides abroad

Yes, we have thought about a way of offering future brides, especially those coming from abroad, an online service of Bridal Look Consulting!

What are the pros?

Well, first of all, this service can be included within the Complete Wedding Planning Service and this is certainly an advantage: we already know everything about your wedding, the venue, the style, the color scheme, all those elements that somehow influence the choice of the bridal gown and the consequent choice of hairstyle and make up (and also of the bouquet, of course!).

Then, it can be a very interesting and useful service if you feel that you want some advice but without the direct and constant presence of a consultant: you like doing things on your own!

How does our Bridal Look Consulting work?

One Skype meeting and some photos will help us gather all the pieces of information necessary to make an evaluation of your body type, of your style and the style of your wedding, your likes and dislikes and so on.

After that, we will prepare some inspirational boards that summarize the wedding gown styles, hair styles, accessories and other details that best suits you, together with some fitting tips for trying on wedding dresses during your search in bridal shops.

You will also receive a list of all the “Do’s and Don’ts” you need to know to look at your best on your wedding day! Of course, we will explain all these boards and files to you during a second Skype meeting, so that you won’t have any doubts and will know how to make the most of this material.

And if you’d like some advice also about your groom, or your mum, or your bridesmaids (bridesmaids’ dresses are always a hot topic!!!), don’t worry! We can provide with this kind of consulting, too!

What are the doubts or questions you have about your bridal look? Write them down in the comments!

And do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this service!




Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


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