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Apulian Masserie: The Best Choice For Your Country Wedding

wedding reception at masseria

Apulian Masserie: The Best Choice For Your Country Wedding

What are the Apulian masserie?

Among the symbols of Apulia, together with trulli and orecchiette pasta, there are its beautiful masserie.

They are fortified farmhouses, often very ancient, which were the centre of countrymen’ life: the farmer used to live with his family in the mansion house, and all the activities took place in the central courtyard which was surrounded by many single-storey buildings, that were used as workrooms, lodgings for the workers, storages, stable and sheds.

During the last decades, many of them have been finely restored and have become now charming hotels, restaurants, resorts and wedding venues, of course!

Why are these masserie perfect for a country wedding?

The masserie have a charm of their own that is impossible to find in any other kind of venue: the sense of history, the strict relationship with the natural environment and with the traditions of this region, the striking contrast between the typical white stone of the buildings and the warm colours of the earth and of the trees… so many peculiar features in such a unique combination!

But in particular, I think that these are the reasons why the masserie will suit you and your plan of a country wedding perfectly!

They are wonderful inside…

Your wedding reception will be wonderfully hosted in one of the vaulted halls in white stone, with the typical rustic – but charming – furniture. If yours is a very intimate wedding, the smaller, cosy dining rooms will be ideal for you and your selected guests.

hall of the masseria

The inner hall in Masseria Don Luigi (masseriadonluigi.it)

… and amazing outside!

Outdoor spaces are usually wide and diversified: you can find not only the stone courtyard, but also gardens, the swimming pool, and then orchards and olive groves!

All these places can be the setting of the various aspects of your wedding: the ceremony, the cocktail, the reception, the dancing party… not to mention romantic corners for a memorable photo shooting of the two of you!

wedding in a masseria

A wedding reception in the courtyard of Masseria Papaperta (masserapapaperta.it)

 The food is excellent (how could it be otherwise?)

Many of these masserie have not abandoned the activities of agriculture and livestock farming. The indoor restaurant, therefore, has a great availability of local, genuine products, which are fundamental for a real high-quality cooking!

You will experience all the taste and the richness of Apulian cooking tradition for your wedding banquet and, trust me, you won’t regret it! (and these are some examples of our amazing recipes)

wedding buffet in masseria

A rich wedding dessert buffet at Masseria Pietrafitta (masseriapietrafitta.it)

There’s all you need for a wedding weekend

The masserie are usually hotels or B&B, too, so you’ll easily find comfortable accommodations for you and your guests.

The presence of swimming pools, sports facilities, spa treatments will be surely appreciated by your friends, while the cooking lessons and food and wine tastings will satisfy those who love Apulian recipes (well, everybody!).

It might also be the occasion to visit some of Apulian most beautiful places.

bedroom of masseria

An enchanting bedroom in Masseria Potenti (masseriapotenti.it)

A wedding experience in contact with nature

The scent of flowers and herbs, the chirping of birds, the beauty of the ancient olive trees, the relaxing sight of the countryside will all make your wedding an even more amazing experience , that you will never forget!

wedding reception in masseria

A wedding reception in the garden of Tenuta Pinto (tenutapinto.it)

So, if among the many masserie in Apulia, you want to find the one that is perfect for you and if you need help in designing your country-style ceremony and reception, our Services are at your disposal, you just have to contact us!

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Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]



Cover photo: Masseria Pilano



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