Are you planning a destination wedding in Apulia? We are at your complete disposal.


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About Apulia

Apulia is a wonderful place for a wedding! Here you will find some information for you:


Apulian Landscapes

In Apulia you’ll find a lot of different landscapes: beaches, cliffs, islands, hills, mountains, fields, rural towns and big cities.


Apulian Locations

How do you imagine your wedding ceremony? In an ancient Romanesque church such as San Nicola di Bari, in a baroque palace such as the elegant buildings of Lecce, on the beach, among the “trulli”? And what about exchanging your vows on a boat with the deep blue sea as witness? What do you prefer for your party? A castle, a villa, a typical palace, a beautiful garden, a rustic venue? Apulia has all you can desire and more.


Apulian People

Probably you’ll meet a lot of friendly people who don’t speak English (the old ones, but sometimes also the young ones) but they’ll use gestures to help you. We are all very good at communicating with gestures, maybe it is a bit rough but useful!


Apulian Food

There is one word to describe our food: delicious. Try our bread, focaccia (a kind of thick pizza), taralli (a kind of tiny bread doughnuts), orecchiette (special pasta) and don’t forget to taste meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. You’ll find a great choice of pleasures and will surely love our wines!


Apulian Weather

Apulia has a warm climate and is amazing in every season. We have very few snowy days a year, a warm winter and a long summer. Autumn and spring are enchanting too. The best months for an outdoor party are from May to September.


Close your eyes and try to figure out your wedding day among blue sea and red earth, olive trees and stone walls, bright sunlight and warm people, delicious cooking and colorful traditions… It’s a dream, isn’t it? Well, we’re here to make it true! For any information please contact me.