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5 reasons to choose a winter wedding ceremony in Apulia

winter wedding in Apulia

5 reasons to choose a winter wedding ceremony in Apulia

Have you ever dreamt about a winter wedding ceremony in Apulia?

One common place about weddings in Italy is that the better period is summer, because it is always sunny, then perfect for outdoor ceremonies and receptions: but this is not entirely correct! First of all, even if we really wished for it to be true, summer is not ALWAYS sunny and if it is, it can also be really really hot and that’s not pleasant at all! Actually, these last summers have been very different one from the other and have all been very unpredictable.

Then, we must say that Italy is always enchanting, not only in summer, and with a correct planning (necessary in every season, of course) it is possible to have a perfect wedding ceremony in every month of the year and with every weather conditions.

So, what about a winter wedding here in Apulia?

There are many good reasons for this kind of choice and I’m going to show them to you!

1) It’s all “plan A”. You won’t have to worry for a “plan B” in case of rain, because you’ll already have to opt for an indoor wedding, due to the colder climate. This means that the choice for your venue will be much easier and you will avoid those typical (terrible) doubts such as: “the terrace is amazing, but the inner hall is rather dull” or “this venue has such a wide and beautiful garden, exactly what we were looking for, but if it rains there won’t be room enough for everybody inside!”. Isn’t it a real relief?


Wedding reception in the winter garden of Masseria Santa Chiara

2) Apulian wedding venues are sooo beautiful. Now you’ll be thinking  “yes, you’re right, the choice of the venue will be much easier, but there’s nothing like a ceremony in a beautiful garden!”. That’s just because you still haven’t seen the beauty of our restored palaces and typical country houses (our wonderful masserie), of the elegant halls, of the vault ceilings in pure white stone: believe me, you will change your mind 😉

elegant reception

Elegant reception in Villa De Grecis

wedding reception

Wedding reception at Masseria Il Trappetello

3) Ourdoor areas are not completely out of the question. Winter is not a synonym of bad weather: it can be sunny even during the cold months and the result are mild, pleasant days that will allow you and your guests to spend some time outside, enjoying the clear blue sky and the fresh air.

 4) Winter landscapes are amazing! They really are. And very poetic too. And not only if it’s a beautiful sunny day (see point No. 3 above), but even if it’s rainy: you cannot imagine how incredible wedding photos can be under the rain or in not-so-good weather conditions. That’s why the real recommendation is this one instead: hire a very good photographer!

5) “Deck the halls with boughs of holly”. A winter wedding will almost surely happen during Christmas time… isn’t it great? It really is! Floral arrangements and decorations can have a Christmas theme, not only in the traditional green-and-red combination, but also in other colours, with the addition of glittering and glamorous touches of gold or silver. But check with the chosen venue if they usually decorate the premises for Christmas-time: their choices might clash with yours, so it’s better to know in advance in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings!

winter seating plan

Christmas themed seating plan – Winter wedding (fibrediluce.it)


Well, I hope I have convinced you, because it’s not too late to start planning your winter wedding ceremony NOW! Especially if you are thinking about a beautiful symbolic ceremony that does not require bureaucratic procedures, or a romantic elopement during Christmas holidays!

You can contact us here, we will be more than happy to give you all the information you need!

And don’t forget to share this post, perhaps some friends of yours will like the idea too! 😉


Lots of (Apulian) love!
♥♥♥ Claudia
[your friendly neighborhood wedding planner]


Cover Photo: DelackMediaGroup


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