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5 Amazing Natural Places to See in Puglia

5 Amazing Natural Places to See in Puglia

What places to see in Puglia?

The places to see in Puglia are countless. This region is famous for the great number of tourist attractions it owns: for example its cities and towns that are rich in history and art, with their monuments, churches, palaces of different historical periods that make even the small town centres look like little treasure chests. If you come for your holiday in Puglia or for a wedding you’ll be spoilt for choice! You have to include in your tour the 10 places you definitely can’t miss. If you love architecture and art in particular, you have to visit the magnificent Baroque churches in Lecce and in Salento. But if you love nature, if you like to admire amazing landscapes, the beauties of flora and fauna, these 5 natural places to see in Puglia are definitely the choice for you!

Natural areas in Puglia

1. Saline di Margherita di Savoia

These are the biggest saltworks in Italy and among the biggest in Europe. Apart from the activity of salt production, the saltworks, situated near the Adriatic sea, include also a protected natural area, established in 1977, with a very particular ecosystem and where it is possible to see many different species of birds.

places to see in puglia the saline with flamingoes

Saltworks of Margherita di Savoia: beautiful flamingoes in the protected area (briganti.ifo)

2. Gargano National Park

This national park in the province of Foggia is extended on the peninsula of Gargano and includes many different habitats, such as the marine reserve of Tremiti Islands and the ancient forest called Foresta Umbra.

The wide area of the park includes also touristic attractions such as the seaside resorts of Peschici and Vieste and the important Catholic sanctuaries of San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant’Angelo.

The park offers many kinds of trips and excursions, as well as wine and fodd itineraries.

places to see in Puglia: Gargano National park

Enchanting view of the coast of Gargano National Park (festivaldelverdeedelpaesaggio.it)

3. The “gravine”

The gravine are deep ravines caused by water erosion, and are typical of Puglia, in particular of the area of the National Park of Alta Murgia.

The town of Gravina di Puglia, where the seat of the National Park is situated, takes its name from the very gravine that  surround the town and that create many breath-taking landscapes: they really deserve a visit!

gravina di puglia among the places to see in puglia

A view of Gravina di Puglia with one of its gravine (wikipedia.org)

4. Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto

This area is on the Adriatic coast of Salento and is very precious because it includes many important habitats such as the Mediterranean Scrub, and then sand dunes, swamps, sandy beaches and a wonderful crystal-clear sea. It takes its name by the tower of the 16th century that was used to defend the coast by Saracens.

It is possible to visit the area taking part to guided tours, to discover all the amazing beauties of this enchanting place.

places to see in puglia torre guaceto

An aerial view of the marine protected area of Torre Guaceto (fenicepugliese.altervista.org)

 5. Foresta Mercadante

This forest is in the province of Bari and is part of the National Park of Alta Murgia. It is the result of an operation or reforestation made in 1928, that was necessary after a huge flood.

Now it is a protected forest characterized by oaks, cedar trees and cypresses. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful pic-nic or a good workout in the middle of nature.

foresta mercadante places to see in puglia

Foresta Mercadante (forestamercadante.altervista.org)

How many wonderful places to see in Puglia! Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!



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Cover photo: The Saline di Margherita di Savoia, by JuzaPhoto


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